Thaddeus Barcelona by Rand Soler – Philosophers, musicians, artists, a plastic manikin, and a dog named Anubis enter into the fray of a contentious mayoral election in the City of North River. Thaddeus, who has no political aspirations or interest, slowly gets sucked into the eclectic menagerie of characters and bizarre plots that bubble up as two ballot measures play on the cultural divides of the City. Thaddeus finds humor in the absurd events surrounding the election as the Mayor is challenged by his older sister, and bumbling, religiously inspired kidnappings play on the delusional musings of a few poor souls. (Purchase on Amazon)

The Sapience Threshold by Rand Soler & Y.A. Picker – Book 1 of the Sapience Evolution Series – Humanity cannot alter the nature of reality and outrun evolution. The rise of sapient beings on a backwater planet in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy is not the pinnacle of evolution as many would like to believe. Rather it forms another critical inflection point in a four billion-year-old story. Humanity should be viewed as the ancestral starting point for sapient evolution. (Purchase on Amazon)

Hach by Y.A. Picker (Illustrated by Rand Soler) – In a world ravaged by Anthropocene climate change, the story of Hach traces the journey of one man into the dry wastelands of the American Southwest. But life is resilient and Hach finds the seeds of a new beginning for civilization in the ruins of climate disaster. (Purchase on Amazon)

Beer for Breakfast by Y.A. Picker (Illustrated by Rand Soler) – Beer for Breakfast provides an eclectic accounting of a hitchhiking journey made by two friends who venture into the heart of America. Mingled throughout the story are observations and questions about the American dream. (Purchase on Amazon)

The Strings of Life by Y.A. Picker & Rand Soler – A Mat Dover and Mark Baret adventure exploring the origins of life on Earth. – Deep in the mists of time, when Earth was young, and life had not yet appeared, a probe appeared in the night-time sky, emerging from the termination of a wormhole and hovering in a low planetary orbit. Sent by a civilization now long past and forgotten, it pelted Earth’s ancient seas with its entire supply of small cannonball-sized projectiles. As each sphere sank into the Archean oceans’ murky depths, its organic payload was released into the cold salty waters, infusing Earth with life. (Purchase on Amazon)

Golden Seeds by Rand Soler & Y.A. Picker – A Mat Dover and Mark Baret adventure – Humanity has always been on a collision course with evolution. A single species cannot ravage the biosphere without consequences, and Homo sapiens may have become the masters of their own demise. The single lesson flowing from the biosphere’s four billion years of history is evolve or sink into the void of extinction. Life is kinetic, and those who can’t change must crumble like dust in the winds of time. (Purchase on Amazon)